Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bringing the "zoo" to the zoo.

Yesterday, we decided to spend our day at the Denver Zoo. Aunts, Dana and Ronni came and brought their kids. Little did we know that getting together all of the cousins meant that we were in for quite the experience.
From running through the parking lot, to climbing all over the lion exhibit, and finally ending up soaking wet, the cousins had, maybe, a little too much fun.
While the moms tended the wild animals they call children, Sofie, Bryant, Seth and I decided to go off and visit all the animals on our own, (though my mother claims that there is no way we four could have been entertained without the small kids).
The day at the zoo ended when we all decided to venture across the parking lot to the back of the museum. Behind the museum is a most wonderful place. There are HUGE fountains that spray up from the ground and get you soaking wet. For any of you who haven't been there, I suggest going. Interestingly enough, there is something fun about running through water and getting soaking wet.
All in all, it was a great day. Those little kids crack me up and I was glad that I could spend the day with the "zoo" at the zoo.

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