Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When I was little

My favorite movie was
Oh how I loved that movie.
I actually still love it.
I had a cassette of the soundtrack and today I kinda want to add it to my iPod. I am sure I could still sing all of the songs...Perfectly.

But today I am thinking about Annie because of her song
You see tomorrow I get to go visit
I have missed her terribly and am super excited to get to spend some time with her.
We are going to pop popcorn, watch movies, jump rope, maybe hula hoop, and stay up all night long. So hurry up sun and come up again tomorrow.

Dear Annie,
If only you had six letters in your name one of my girls would have been named after you. But I love you and your movie. I love to sing your songs. My kids think I'm a bit crazy but I can't help it. When I was little my cousins and I used to make up dances to your music and I also had you in doll form and of course a heart shaped locket. Annie thanks for the reminder that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow.
CoRi dAwN

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is crazy hair day.

And whenever crazy hair day comes I think back to yester-year when my Jarret had the craziest hair in crazy hair day history. When I look at these pictures I still smile. He asked for it and I allowed it.
And I'm glad I did, it was

And then -sad- we shaved his whole head for church.

Dear Jarret,
The time we made your hair "old man" style, well it's one of my favorite memories ever! It still makes me laugh. And at the time I was a little depressed and I think your hair helped me be happier. So thanks for having an awesome sense of humor. I stinking adore you and that crazy head of yours!!
CoRi dAwN

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Valentine's Day

I sent Alyson a care package.
It had some yummy treats,
a really fun cook book,
a super cute apron,
some medications,
and of course my love.

The other item I put in there was a magazine that I had a huge blast looking at.
I expressed my opinions on about every other page. I just...well I wanted her to know how I felt about a few things. My hope was that it would make her laugh. Nothing less and nothing more. Just laugh.

And the very romantic apron...
Looks amazing on a guy.

Dear Alyson,
I always have fun putting together packages for you. It's so much fun. And about your wedding.... NO RUSH! The magazine is just fun to look at. I mean being married is lovely and all but not so much if you don't find the right guy. So have fun dating. Love you.
CoRi dAwN

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why do I even blog?

I'm sure the people that read this blog wonder the same thing. I'm not a great writer. My opinions matter to few. And I am just a plain old (and by old, I mean still cool but old) average American wife, mother, and nurse.

Let me answer my own question...

I spend time blogging because I want my family and my friends to know how much I love them. I want them to know that they are important to me and spending time with them is just exactly what I want to do. I also know the importance of keeping records. And this a nice way to record the comings and goings of my family.

President Thomas S. Monson
said this...

Dear Family and Friends,
This blog is for you. I use it to express my feelings for you. I am grateful for you and for the fun and excitement you bring into my life.
With Much Love,
CoRi dAwN

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I totally surprised Mike.

Yes I did.
I NEVER EVER can keep a surprise.
I just can't.
But I did this time.
I told him for Valentine's Day
I bought us dance lessons.

It sounds nice...
but really it wouldn't have been.
We are not really the dancing type.
Don't get me wrong now, I LOVE to dance,
but more of a freestyle than actual legit dance moves. And my babe,
well let's just say he's super cute!
And we'd probably do more laughing
than dancing.

Anyway Staci and I bought tickets
to take our hubs out to see

Cirque Du Soleil
It was stinking amazing!!

I highly recommend going and seeing any of
Cirque Du Soleil's shows if you have an opportunity. There is some serious talent.
And well worth the ticket price.

Dear Cirque Du Soleil,
Ya'll can do some dang freaky moves with your bodies. Seriously Amazing. I was completely entertained. I think my favorite part was the trampolines. And ya'll are so graceful. I can't even walk that graceful. Thanks so much for the entertainment, Mike was WAY happy when he found out he was seeing you and not taking dancing lessons.
CoRi dAwN

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Turn It On, Turn It Up, And Sing Along...

I love music.
A lot.

And my hot man knows it.
So for my birthday he bought me tickets to
Virtual Reality Tour
It was awesome.
Staci and I went and had a big ol' blast.
That Brad Paisley is really something.
I heart him.

I just gotta tell ya'll this...
That Brad *can* play the guitar!
He's country musics Jimi Hendrix.

The music was loud and the crowd was fun!
The crowd was the loudest when
Brad brought out Denver's very own
That kid is DANGITY cute.
And I actually gave Alyson permission to marry bout that?!
Not many will even come close to getting that kind of permission.

Brad brought with him

They were both also fabulous.

I felt so thankful for my Mike.
He is so thoughtful, he knew I would love that concert.
And I did.

My favorite song that night was this..
*please click pause on my music below*

And this song moved Staci to tears.
It was sweet.

I mean I *really* love country music.
And that night was really special.
Thanks Staci for coming and taking pictures.

Dear Brad Paisley,
You entertain me. I LOVED your Virtual Reality Tour! I think you are super cute, very talented, and I bet you are a lovely husband to that cute little wife of yours.
I think you made a great choice when you decided to bring The Band Perry and that stinking cute Scotty with you. You can bet on one thing for sure...
I'll be "turnin it on, turnin it up, and singin along"!
CoRi dAwN

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's my boy's BiRtHdAY!!

Jarret is 9 years old today.

I LOVE this boy!
I cannot tell you how much I adore this child.
He is dang fun and very funny.
I feel more than blessed to call him mine.
He is my baby.
And I am sad my baby is growing up so fast.

Dear Jarret,
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a really special day. I hope you get everything you want. I hope your friends are extra nice to you. I hope you smile and laugh because I love to see you smiling and laughing. You are great. Stay great and stay my baby.
I love you tons.
CoRi dAwN