Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's here!!

Spring is here, I love Spring.
Spring actually came yesterday but
my flower came today.
I've been waiting and waiting
and finally I have a flower at my house. I love flowers.
I am happiest when it's Spring.

Funny story...
A few years ago my oldest said to me, "If Spring is your favorite time of year then why are most of your kids born in the winter?" I laughed and said, "Because darling Spring is my favorite time of year."

Dear Spring,
Thanks for coming. I'm so glad you are here. There were times when I thought you'd never come. And thanks for bringing me a flower.
CoRi dAwN

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I just randomly found this picture of some people we all know.
And ummm there is something wrong.
Really very wrong.
I mean there is a lot wrong but what I am wondering about is Kim's bum. Does she stuff her bum? And if she does, why would she?
It's just weird to me.
That's not right.
It looks funny.

Dear Kim,
If I am wrong, I'm sorry. But if you do in fact pad yo bum...don't. You're cute, stop while you're ahead.
CoRi dAwN

Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's mine

So yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend who I love and adore. She is absolutely amazing. She's kind and helpful and lovely.

The only thing that's wrong is that she has the pleasure of teaching one of my kids in Sunday School.

And kid is not always easy to teach. He or she may or may not even be a little out of control. I wish all my kids came with perfect manners but they certainly did not. They are all learning.

So yesterday after our conversation and feeling a little bad. I heard "He's Mine" by Rodney Atkins and suddenly I felt better.

He or she is mine.
And I'm proud of that.
I love them just the way they are.

*Click pause on my playlist*
Dear Child of MINE,
I adore you. I know you are learning and I am perfectly fine with that. I'll take the blame and claim you every time.
CoRi dAwN

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm home but

I had just a really lovely time in Provo hanging out with Alyson. She's more than lovely and I'm not just saying that cause she's mine. She is REALLY something special! I missed her.

We went shopping and got a hair cut. And went shopping here and bought some jewelry and went shopping and bought some shoes. And we also went shopping looked and looked and looked for the perfect hand bag, it took a long time but Hannah finally found it! And then we went to cousin Melanie's house and laughed and watched a movie and we shopped some more. And inbetween all that we ate.

Melanie is a jewelry importer and so we spent a couple of hours going through her jewels playing dress-up and SHOCKER made some purchases. I'm going to take some pictures of all of the fun pieces I got and do a little blog show and tell another day cause they are so much fun!!

I did all this fun stuff with Alyson and her upcoming mates Chelsea, Hannah, and Kara. What fun girls they are.
Alyson, Kara, Hannah, and Chelsea

And then last night we went to Uncle Lewis and Aunt Brenda's house. What a lovely visit we had!! We talked and laughed and ate Aunt Brenda's super yummy food. And Uncle Lewis gave me the necklace from Melanie's neck. *It was cute!* I loved that she just gave it up! It made me laugh. I sure hope she really doesn't mind that I stole from around her neck. She said she didn't....I don't know. But I'm sure she still loves me anyway.
Ashlyn and Alyson

And the best thing of all....
I got to hear Alyson play the Hymns on the relatives piano. What a treat. I miss that sound in my house.

Dear Melanie,
I hope you really don't care that I have your necklace, if it will make you feel better I'll take a picture of me wearing it and text it to you. OH and also, just as soon as Annie comes to SLC or Denver we MUST go. Thanks for all the fun and can't wait to do it again. I love you!!
CoRi dAwN