Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once again I am humbled.

Seems like I have opportunities to be humble all the time.
You see, I think I'm humble and it's a quality I desire.
But Really...
I'm not.
I think I'm not too proud or worldly to help those around me,
but do I?
No, not as much as I should.
I think I "save" lives...and I do (at work), but do I save souls?
Nope, not like I should.

A while back I introduced you to a friend of mine named Neva.
Neva is amazing.
She is not worldly.
She is HUMBLE.
She'll give anyone a hug, even if they are less than huggable.
And last night I got to go visit her and she had a
friend staying with her.
Someone who really needed to be saved.
Neva opened her home and brought someone in who really needed it.
And I mean REALLY REALLY needed it.
I cannot stop thinking about Neva, her example, 
and the love she shows to others.
The other thing I cannot stop thinking about is the look on her friends face and the tears pouring out of her eyes as
she spoke about how grateful she was for Neva and how
Neva literally saved her.
How lucky I am to have to opportunity to Visit Teach Neva.
Because she is constantly teaching me.

Dear Neva,
You amaze me. I am humbled by you continually. You have more Christ like love than  anyone I know. You are gentle and kind but strong enough to move mountains. I adore you. Thank you.
CoRi dAwN

Monday, January 30, 2012

I have so many many things

I could share with you all today.
I could post pictures of my weekend with my family in town, that was fun.
I could post pictures from the Brad Paisley concert I went to last weekend, cause that was also a big ol' blast.
I think I will just let you enjoy this...
Please make sure you click pause on my music below.
You need to hear Elmo and nothing else.

Dear Elmo and Sesame Street,
You have been an important part of all of my children's lives. You have taught them letters and numbers way better than I could. And you taught them songs. Thank you.
CoRi dAwN

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I have been just super busy and have a lot to catch up on!

I again went to movie last night, and again it was not a good movie.
I hated it.
Mike said I looked at my phone 17 times checking the time.
I couldn't help it, I was simply bored.
The critics said, "SEE IT!"
I'm sure it's going to win all kinds of awards from all the very smart and talented Hollywood type. But I give it TWO thumbs way down low!

And the move was...

I'll give it this much...
The music was fantastic and that was a good thing since that is ALL I heard.

The good news was it was still a super fun night! We had a lovely dinner at the Outback and laughed a ton with our favorite couple Henry and Staci!
They are just tons of fun!!

Dear Henry and Staci,
Thanks for another very fun night. Last night was proof that we don't need great entertainment to have fun with you! Can't wait to do it again. Except next time Staci gets to choose the movie!
CoRi dAwN

Friday, January 13, 2012

Joyful Noise? I don't know.

Oh my gosh, ya'll.
I went to a movie tonight.
I went to see
'Joyful Noise'
 Well I do love me some Dolly and Queen.
But I am still struggling with my feelings for their movie. There were some good singers and some pretty fun dance moves (which I loved, cause who doesn't need a couple of new dance moves...I know I do.) But overall I'd have to say it wasn't a great movie. Entertaining? Sure.
Great? Not so much.
The very best part of the movie was watching Mike watch it. He hates doesn't enjoy singing and dancing movies. I also very much enjoyed laughing with my sister. We got to giggling and just could not stop. For what reason?? I'm not so sure. But boy did we laugh. So hard that Mychael-Ann had to leave. I think she was going to pee her pants. Which I would have LOVED to see!
One thing that I'm still trying to figure out is this.....Are they really truly Asians with Southern accents? Cause well I've never met one and I've spent lots of time in the South. I am just curious.

Dear Jeremy Jordan,
You are stinkin' cute. And you sound good too. Thanks for entertaining me. Watching you may have been worth the ticket price.
CoRi dAwN
I am here to tell ya.
This kid is stinking ADORABLE!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My sister is here!

My sister is upstairs right now going to sleep in Dawson's bed.
I *made* her download
Word With Friends.
And now I'm going to try
and beat her.
Wish me luck, I'll need it.
She is only going to be here for a
couple of days,
but I'm going to enjoy it.

Check us out.
Not so hot but having a blast.
Per usual.

Dear Mychael-Ann,
LOVE LOVE LOVE having you here. Thanks for taking time to spend with me.
I love you.
CoRi dAwN

Friday, January 6, 2012


AlYsOn KaTe
DaWsOn JaMeS

Yep that's right, two of my kids share a birthday.
I think they like it that way.
These two have a special bond.
They really love each other.
It's nice.

AlYsOn KaTe
I cannot imagine having a more amazing daughter.
She is smart and beautiful.
Most importantly she is kind.
She has more love for others than most.
I am super grateful that she's mine.

DaWsOn JaMeS
My Dawson is really something.
He is wild.
And wears me out sometimes.
But let me tell you,
he has more compassion than most.
He cannot stand to see someone being
unkind to anyone who cannot defend themselves.
He loves Jesus.
When he grows up he'll be the best Dad ever.

Dear Alyson and Dawson,
I just so completely love you two. You are special. Stay close to each other. And know this...Your mom loves you!! And plus she thinks your super cute!! Happy Birthday.
I hope your day is wonderful.
CoRi dAwN

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning in Pictures

Christmas morning was a blast. Of course my kids woke up at like 3 in the morning to see what "Santa" brought them. But sadly "Santa" was so tired from staying up late that she couldn't get out of bed until like 8 in the morning. Our good friend Charlotte (who is also a night nurse) came over bright and early, and we started our gift opening.

I don't know what your house is like on Christmas morning but I go a little crazy, and not the good crazy. I freak out over wrapping all over the house so after each and every gift is open we have to do a little house keeping. I pretty much drive my family nuts....But I just can't help it. Sorry guys.

Anyway after that we rushed off to my sisters house and ate an wonderful breakfast and had a little more gift opening. I think I have the most fum family in the entire world!! Cause we really had a blast and laughed alot.
My Jarret has more Christmas spirit than anyone I know.

<>  <> 
Our dear Charlotte.

<>  <> 
Cute little bed head Bryant.

<>  <> 
She's faking that surprise since she picked out the gift.

My Mike and My Dawson.
Emilee in her brand new hat her cousin Gwen made for her.
She loves it!

About this time I go crazy with all of the mess.
Which probably wasn't all that bad.
And since I don't mind living in a mess anyother day
I don't know why
it bothers me on Christmas.

I just can't get enough of Emilee.

Jarret has wanted a robe for at least 3 years.
I don't know why I haven't gotten him one before
but he LOVES his new robe and has worn it everyday since

Don't cut your finger off....
And then off to Aunt Dana's house.......
Isabelle got an electric scooter...
I think My Emilee might be jealous.

My mom, I love her. She makes me laugh.

My niece and sister Dana.
Alyson and Dawson.
Chances are they're planning something or making fun of me.

Uncle Jason.
Which isn't my kids uncle but their cousins uncle.
He is also very funny and makes me laugh.
Sofie lovin on Dylan.
Dawson, you're too big for Adam's bike.

Jason and Owen.
Not sure what Owen is thinking.

OH buddy, Adam has a tool.
And it looks dangerous.
Watch out everyone.

Uncle Jared sings a song to Dylan.
What a good dad.

And Dylan gets some lovin from Alyson.
That is one lucky boy.

Alyson and Sofie in their new jammies....
lookin good girls.

And the little girls got some new jammies also.

Wait, don't get tired yet!

That is some dang yummy stuff!
My adorkable nephew

This picture of Jarret kinda sums up our Christmas.
I am happy when my kids are happy.

I think Dawson is ready for a nap.

My lovely sisters.
Ronni and Dana.

Grandpa Gary got some new undies...
Bryant stole grandpa Gary's new undies.

And Dylan shows off his dance moves.
He is pretty dang cute.

Dear Family,
Thanks for an amazing Christmas. I love spending time with you. I can't wait to do it again next year.
CoRi dAwN

**I have no flippin idea why some of my pictures and words are highlighted but I just simply don't have the time or energy to deal with it. Sorry.**

Monday, January 2, 2012

WHAT A DAY!! I mean really, WHAT A DAY!

Today was AmAzInG!
I need to tell you a story.
My sweet Mike doesn't like animals.
Not really at all.
I know he loves our dog Arwen.
But he doesn't admit it to anyone.
I have asked many a time for a another puppy,
and the closest I've gotten is a couple of
Beta fish. Which are lovely but not really all that fun to cuddle.
He has simply refused to have another dog.

My Dawson wanted one for his upcoming birthday and Mike agreed.
And So Dawson chose a sweet little girl and named her Mercedes.

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!?
We don't get her for a couple more weeks because she is just too young. Which is good I need to put away all my Christmas stuff before I bring a new baby home.
She is currently living near Colorado Springs. So while we were near by we decided to visit the


Dawson, his friend Bryson, and Mike

It was a lovely day and we had fun walking  around the beautiful campus.

Dear Mike,
I want to write to you today because today you were the best dad ever. You made a huge sacrifice for one of your kids and I find that very attractive...VERY! I hope Mercedes loves you and I hope you love her. Thank you.
CoRi dAwN