Sunday, July 3, 2011

I love Sundays!

It's Sunday! This weekend I have had an opportunity to reflect on some pretty amazing things. Some I'll have to share some later and some I want to share now, like.... 

Yesterday was my nephew Owen's baptism. I was tired from working all night but I was so happy to have the opportunity to go and watch him.

He was the last of four little boy cousins to get baptized this year, and I was at all of them. What a special gift for me, to get to watch four boys who I love and care about make such a good choice.

These boys very much impress me, and they make me happy, and they make me laugh, and I am glad they are part of my life.

My handsome Jarret was first. He was baptized by his dad, Mike.

Noah was next, he was baptized by his dad Jared P.

And then Thomas, he was baptized by his uncle Mike.
His beautiful mother Ronni was at his side.
And last there was Owen, who was baptized by his dad Jared B.

Dear Jarret, Noah, Thomas, and Owen,
You have made a great choice. I am
proud of you. Thank you for letting
me be part of your very special day.
Keep making me laugh, I so love it
when you make me laugh.
CoRi dAwN


  1. Dear CoRi, thank you for these amazing pictures! Thank you for keeping track of your life like this. Thanks for making me feel wonderful! You have no idea how sad it makes me to miss some of my families important (and even not so important) events and your photos and comments make up for a lot of missed memories of my own. So...thank you a million times!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Dear Dinie,
    Thanks. I love you. I'm glad you are enjoying my therapy blog. And I miss you.
    CoRi dAwN