Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love Sundays!

BIG SIGH.(of relief)
I have loved serving as the Relief Society President in the RB Ward. I have learned a lot and am grateful for such a special opportunity. The women that I served and served with are amazing.
They have overcome a variety of trials and are superb examples of faith. They have lifted me and helped me all along the way.
I will be forever grateful to them.

Dear Sisters in the RB Ward,
It is my hope and prayer with we will always remember who we are:

We are beloved spirit daughters of God,
and our lives have meaning,
purpose, and direction.
As a worldwide sisterhood,
we are united in our devotion to Jesus Christ,
our Savior and Exemplar.
We are women of faith, virtue, vision, and charity who:
Increase our testimonies of Jesus Christ through prayer and scripture study.
Seek spiritual strength by following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Dedicate ourselves to strengthening marriages, families, and homes.
Find nobility in motherhood and joy in womanhood.
Delight in service and good works.
Love life and learning.
Stand for truth and righteousness.
Sustain the priesthood as the authority of God on earth.
Rejoice in the blessings of the temple, understand our divine destiny, and strive for exaltation.

I love all of you and thank you for letting me serve.
CoRi dAwN

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