Saturday, May 19, 2012

I do love my boots

I love cowboy boots.
They make me happy.

So today,
I put on mine!
I needed them.

Today I was asked to take some photos
of an annual race held here
in our community.

I was happy willing to do it.
But then I woke up to thunder, I could hear the rain and knew I was going to freeze.
I was then less than willing.
And, I was right!
It was super wet and very cold.

So I was there, taking pictures in the rain, in my boots.
Everyone else was wearing running shoes and looking all athletic and such.
But not me,
I was looking way cool
feeling way strong.
Cause I had on my pink cowboy boots.

Dear Pink Cowboy Boots,
You give me strength. Thanks! I needed it today.
CoRi dAwN

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