Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

The kids are back in school.
Well almost all of them,
Alyson leaves to BYU in just three short days.
Emilee and Jarret started first a couple of weeks ago.
I hate how short the summer feels, I think school shouldn't start until after Labor Day, but I'm pretty sure the district doesn't care what I think. Anyway I think they were happy to go back, which kinda makes me sad. I want them to always want to be with me.
Bryant and Dawson started a week ago.
I can't believe that my little Bryant is a Senior and Dawson an eighth grader. They are growing up way way way too fast! Bless those boys hearts, I know they didn't want to go back! But for some reason I don't think it's because they wanted to hang out with me.
I know.. right!?
So I'm at home...ALONE.
It's quiet. Too quiet.

Another special little treat this year is that Isabelle and Owen are going to the same school as Emilee and Jarret! My kids couldn't be happier. In fact we have had many discussions about how it's not OK to go to the park and play with your cousins on the way to school. Apparently cousin time is party time even if you're on your way to school.
                                              Owen                                                           Isabelle

Dear Bryant, Dawson, Emilee, and Jarret,
I miss you! But I hope you will love school and
learn all that you can so that you can grow up and
be whatever you want to long as it's not
CoRi dAwN

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