Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So we finally made it to the state line.

We made it to Utah.

We took some pictures of an amazing sunset.

 We took the LONG cut to Utah and it really was beautiful and it really was LONG. But it's OK, we had fun.

We stayed the first couple of nights with
Mallory and her cute puppy Zoe.
Mallory is tons of fun and her apartment is so cute.

Then we picked up Chelsea from the airport. On the way to the airport we ate at Noodles in Sugar House and there was the
COOLEST pop machine EVER.
Really! Look at how cool that is!

And Alyson had a job interview at the COUGAREAT.
(I took care of Flat Emilee during the interview)

And then the moving into dorms started and the shopping started.
Between Alyson and Chelsea almost $200.00 was spent at the
I didn't even know that was possible.
The proud owner of a dorm room key.

And here is Alyson's home away from home.

The first night there. None of Alyson's room mates were there so we
(Chelsea, Alyson, and I) had a slumber party.

Does thumbs up mean,
"I'm doing good"
"Really! I'm good. Stop taking pictures of me!"
Cause umm both of them did that... A LOT.

The shopping.
My poor, poor van.
Full to the brim with shopping bags and Chelsea's stuff.
Truthfully, it was lots of fun and pretty funny.
I thought I'd have to drive down I-15 with bags on my lap.

 We did it. It's all in, even Chelsea.

Dear Alyson, Chelsea, and Mallory,
I had a blast. Thanks for the fun.
I'm so happy that both of you are moved in and feeling good.
I miss you.
CoRi dAwN

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