Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another night....

I worked last night. Loved my patients (I usually do). But I had one that I really really loved last night. She was in a "shared" room or in other words, she had a roomy. I have STRONG feelings about sharing rooms in hospitals; I believe it should NEVER happen for any reason! Anyway my patient's roomy was having a very difficult time and felt very anxious and didn't want to be alone. Sadly nurses are unable to sit with a patient for very long because, well we have other patients. Back to my sweet patient, as I walked past the room I heard my patient reading to her roomy to calm her down and also praying for/with her. It was very touching and sweet! You see my patient is/was WAY worse off than her roomy she knew it and I knew it and I'm hoping the roomy knew it. But this kind woman found a way to serve someone else and forget her problems for just a couple of minutes. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to witness this example of compassion, what a great example my patient was. I love this lady and I am glad that I got to call her mine, even if it was for only 12 hours.

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