Saturday, April 30, 2011


So this is what Alyson found on the front porch the other night.
She was asked to Mormon Prom.

But actually I was asked first.

That is not the AWKWARD part! The Awkward part was her reply! We decided that it would be funny if I adorned the lights, stood on his porch, and held up a sign that said on one side, "I'd be DE-lighted to"....(flip side) "Send Alyson to MoProm with you".

OK, kinda cute right?!

*Back story* On Monday Alyson broke up with long time boyfriend Seth. (We really like Seth, he is a nice boy. It was simply time for them to go their separate ways. *Back story over*

So as Alyson and I stood on the front porch, her smiling and me tangled up in Christmas lights, Jeffrey (the invite-er) came to the door and Seth (the recently parted BF) walked up behind us all. Alyson laughed, Jeffrey smiled, and Seth asked why I was strangling myself with Christmas lights.

I mean really! I am way too old to be "tangled" up in teen-age drama.

Dear Teenagers,
Enjoy the drama.
Love, CoRi dAwN


  1. This had all the elements of an AWKWARD moment. A mother, an ex, a doorstep - too good to be true. Oh dear. Could Alyson laugh about it?

  2. Yes, she laughed. She completely agreed that it was awesomly awkward.