Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Last night our Stake had its annual Teacher Appreciation banquet. It was fabulous. Alyson honored Mrs. Mills and her tribute was really very nice.

So for those of you who don't know what a Teacher Appreciation banquet is, I will tell you.

All of the seniors in our stake invite a teacher who they want to honor to the stake center for a lovely dinner and then a fabulous presentation. The teachers and the students stand in front of the audience and the tribute that the student wrote is read aloud. In our stake the tributes were read by a local news anchor. After the presentations our Stake President Ralph Walker made a few remarks.

I love President Walker's remarks, he talked about what teachers can expect of LDS kids; modest dress, respect for others, clean language, etc.... It was great.

When President Walker was talking about how LDS kids should act I didn't for even a second worry that Alyson wasn't always trying to be the person she should be.

I love her. And I am proud of her. I am honored to call her mine.

Dear Teachers that love my kids,
CoRi dAwN

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