Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alyson's Graduation

I woke up early yesterday and the first thought I had was, "I cannot believe my baby is graduating!" How fast time flies when you are loving babies. 

It was a lovely day, the weather was so nice and it was nice to celebrate with
family and friends.

Alyson got up first and I raced out of bed to see her before she left.
She looked like a girl all grown up. *dang it*
Why she have to grow up so fast?

We then got everyone dressed and ready and then took off to the field. (That part was not fun. The other kids didn't think that the day was so important and the field was really far away.) When we got there we met up with Grandma' Teresa, Aunt Ronni, Aunt Dana and all her kids, and we took Grandma' Dinie with us.

It was a fine graduation. The kids were good although they played the whole time on a turf hill, honestly it looked like fun.

So they were quiet and they had fun. I'm sure other people were judging but I don't really care. They will remember Alyson's graduation with fondness.

The ceremony was great, not too long and no boring speeches.

But Alyson, she was amazing. So happy.

And then it was over. And we all got to congradulate Alyson.

I love this picture of Alyson with Grandma' Teresa and Grandma' Dinie
My girls
The whole gang
What a nice brother
All five of my kids
We couldn't be more humbly proud
Dear Alyson, I adore you!
Love, CoRi dAwN


  1. Those 5 kids of yours are looking too darn grown up. I'm glad you are blogging to remember. And, I had a crappy day but your playlist is making me feel a little better - thanks :).