Monday, May 16, 2011

Work Daughter

So at work I meet a lot of people.
It's my favorite part of my job.
Getting to know people is so much fun.

About a while ago I met a young lady named Arienne.
I LOVE her.
She is amazing.
She is a super nurse, a great example, and
a really nice human.

She's so great and I love her so much that I adopted her, she is now my
Work Daughter.

I had to work on Mother's Day, I wasn't too happy
about it but I do what I have to do.
So when I got to work I found the nicest surprise ever.

I am so grateful for nice people in my life.
I love being a MOM!
And I love being Arienne's work MOM!

Dear Arienne,
Thanks for being a great example to me.
Love, CoRi dAwN

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