Friday, January 13, 2012

Joyful Noise? I don't know.

Oh my gosh, ya'll.
I went to a movie tonight.
I went to see
'Joyful Noise'
 Well I do love me some Dolly and Queen.
But I am still struggling with my feelings for their movie. There were some good singers and some pretty fun dance moves (which I loved, cause who doesn't need a couple of new dance moves...I know I do.) But overall I'd have to say it wasn't a great movie. Entertaining? Sure.
Great? Not so much.
The very best part of the movie was watching Mike watch it. He hates doesn't enjoy singing and dancing movies. I also very much enjoyed laughing with my sister. We got to giggling and just could not stop. For what reason?? I'm not so sure. But boy did we laugh. So hard that Mychael-Ann had to leave. I think she was going to pee her pants. Which I would have LOVED to see!
One thing that I'm still trying to figure out is this.....Are they really truly Asians with Southern accents? Cause well I've never met one and I've spent lots of time in the South. I am just curious.

Dear Jeremy Jordan,
You are stinkin' cute. And you sound good too. Thanks for entertaining me. Watching you may have been worth the ticket price.
CoRi dAwN
I am here to tell ya.
This kid is stinking ADORABLE!

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  1. It was A movie. I agree Jeremy Jordan was cute, and what were we laughing so hard at? The laughing was worth the $10 to me - oh wait, you bought mine. Thanks ;). Can't wait for the soundtrack.