Friday, January 6, 2012


AlYsOn KaTe
DaWsOn JaMeS

Yep that's right, two of my kids share a birthday.
I think they like it that way.
These two have a special bond.
They really love each other.
It's nice.

AlYsOn KaTe
I cannot imagine having a more amazing daughter.
She is smart and beautiful.
Most importantly she is kind.
She has more love for others than most.
I am super grateful that she's mine.

DaWsOn JaMeS
My Dawson is really something.
He is wild.
And wears me out sometimes.
But let me tell you,
he has more compassion than most.
He cannot stand to see someone being
unkind to anyone who cannot defend themselves.
He loves Jesus.
When he grows up he'll be the best Dad ever.

Dear Alyson and Dawson,
I just so completely love you two. You are special. Stay close to each other. And know this...Your mom loves you!! And plus she thinks your super cute!! Happy Birthday.
I hope your day is wonderful.
CoRi dAwN

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  1. You have such great kids. Love these two and hope they had a great day.