Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once again I am humbled.

Seems like I have opportunities to be humble all the time.
You see, I think I'm humble and it's a quality I desire.
But Really...
I'm not.
I think I'm not too proud or worldly to help those around me,
but do I?
No, not as much as I should.
I think I "save" lives...and I do (at work), but do I save souls?
Nope, not like I should.

A while back I introduced you to a friend of mine named Neva.
Neva is amazing.
She is not worldly.
She is HUMBLE.
She'll give anyone a hug, even if they are less than huggable.
And last night I got to go visit her and she had a
friend staying with her.
Someone who really needed to be saved.
Neva opened her home and brought someone in who really needed it.
And I mean REALLY REALLY needed it.
I cannot stop thinking about Neva, her example, 
and the love she shows to others.
The other thing I cannot stop thinking about is the look on her friends face and the tears pouring out of her eyes as
she spoke about how grateful she was for Neva and how
Neva literally saved her.
How lucky I am to have to opportunity to Visit Teach Neva.
Because she is constantly teaching me.

Dear Neva,
You amaze me. I am humbled by you continually. You have more Christ like love than  anyone I know. You are gentle and kind but strong enough to move mountains. I adore you. Thank you.
CoRi dAwN

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