Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Turn It On, Turn It Up, And Sing Along...

I love music.
A lot.

And my hot man knows it.
So for my birthday he bought me tickets to
Virtual Reality Tour
It was awesome.
Staci and I went and had a big ol' blast.
That Brad Paisley is really something.
I heart him.

I just gotta tell ya'll this...
That Brad *can* play the guitar!
He's country musics Jimi Hendrix.

The music was loud and the crowd was fun!
The crowd was the loudest when
Brad brought out Denver's very own
That kid is DANGITY cute.
And I actually gave Alyson permission to marry bout that?!
Not many will even come close to getting that kind of permission.

Brad brought with him

They were both also fabulous.

I felt so thankful for my Mike.
He is so thoughtful, he knew I would love that concert.
And I did.

My favorite song that night was this..
*please click pause on my music below*

And this song moved Staci to tears.
It was sweet.

I mean I *really* love country music.
And that night was really special.
Thanks Staci for coming and taking pictures.

Dear Brad Paisley,
You entertain me. I LOVED your Virtual Reality Tour! I think you are super cute, very talented, and I bet you are a lovely husband to that cute little wife of yours.
I think you made a great choice when you decided to bring The Band Perry and that stinking cute Scotty with you. You can bet on one thing for sure...
I'll be "turnin it on, turnin it up, and singin along"!
CoRi dAwN

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  1. You didn't have to mention that I cried, geez! Thanks for inviting me, I had a blast.