Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Valentine's Day

I sent Alyson a care package.
It had some yummy treats,
a really fun cook book,
a super cute apron,
some medications,
and of course my love.

The other item I put in there was a magazine that I had a huge blast looking at.
I expressed my opinions on about every other page. I just...well I wanted her to know how I felt about a few things. My hope was that it would make her laugh. Nothing less and nothing more. Just laugh.

And the very romantic apron...
Looks amazing on a guy.

Dear Alyson,
I always have fun putting together packages for you. It's so much fun. And about your wedding.... NO RUSH! The magazine is just fun to look at. I mean being married is lovely and all but not so much if you don't find the right guy. So have fun dating. Love you.
CoRi dAwN


  1. Jealous! My mom's idea of a "fun" package is a penguin envelope with only my medicine inside :) And amen to your words of wisdom

  2. Thanks Brit!! Maybe I could share some tips on care packages with Aunt Glenda ;) And I hope you also follow my advice which is this.... don't marry the firt hottie that comes along, unless of course he is the perfect hottie for you. I love you and can't wait to see you.