Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is crazy hair day.

And whenever crazy hair day comes I think back to yester-year when my Jarret had the craziest hair in crazy hair day history. When I look at these pictures I still smile. He asked for it and I allowed it.
And I'm glad I did, it was

And then -sad- we shaved his whole head for church.

Dear Jarret,
The time we made your hair "old man" style, well it's one of my favorite memories ever! It still makes me laugh. And at the time I was a little depressed and I think your hair helped me be happier. So thanks for having an awesome sense of humor. I stinking adore you and that crazy head of yours!!
CoRi dAwN

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  1. I love that you let Jarret do that! I hope I'm as cool as you when my kids want to do something (temporarily) crazy.