Monday, September 26, 2011

Am I waiting for a "Golden Ticket"?

I think I may be.

Today my Visiting Teachers came and visited me.
I do so love them. They are good and beautiful
girls who make me feel loved.
I am thankful for them.

Today they came and we talked and laughed.
(we usually do)
Anyway they encouraged me to watch
President Uchtdorf's address he gave at the
Relief Society's general broadcast.
I did.
I loved it.

He talked about waiting for a
"Golden Ticket"
to be happy

and not just enjoying the chocolate that is there.
Readers, I need to enjoy my chocolate.
And quit waiting for my "Golden Ticket".

He talked about the small insignificant flower
Forget Me Not
And how at times we may feel forgotten.
He reassured that we are not.

Here he is telling us that we are not forgotten.
*please click pause on my music so you can hear his beautiful message*
To watch President Uchtdorf's full address
You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of President Uchtdorf.
You should know I love him.
He is a great speaker and he is filled with love.
And he's very handsome.

Dear Janor and Rochelle,
I adore you two. You are the best.
I feel happy when you are here and am
grateful to call you my friends.
Thanks for coming today, I needed you.
CoRi dAwN

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