Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday~ Stake Conference

Today was Stake Conference.
(Stake Conference is a conference or meeting where many
members from the same geological area of my church gather
together and listen to our local leaders)
It was really nice.

On my new phone (more about that later) I found a very cool video about William Tyndale and the scriptures and then I saw the same video on Alyson's blog. I think I was suppose to be reminded about how important being grateful for and studying the scriptures is.

I loved the message so much I think all y'all should watch it also.
*don't forget to click pause on my music*

It was wonderful and I felt happy to leave 
and watch her walk away with the
Lord's inspiration and instructions
in her hands.
I know that she and all of my kids will be happy if they
read and love the scriptures.

Dear William Tyndale,
I am grateful for your sacrifice.
I have no doubt that you were inspired and guided by the Lord.
A simple thank you is not strong enough.
So with as much fierceness and gratitude and love as I can type with I say to you,
THANKS!! I am blessed because of you
and others like you.
Much Love,
CoRi dAwN

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