Sunday, September 25, 2011

Primary Program Sunday!!

Today is/was my FaVoRiTe Sunday
of the whole entire year.
Today was the Primary Program.
The kids were amazing.
Today I wish church was 4 hours instead of 3 and that I could listen to the kids for that whole extra hour. I love them.

And of course I spent a couple of hours with the new loves of my life.
Mike better watch out cause I am in LOVE!
I mean really in love.
11 boys and 1 sweet little girl.
 I get to hold and feed and read to and snuggle with. They totally crack me up.

Like today one of them kept on saying,
"I have a penis, wanna see my penis?"
UMMM....NOPE! NO! I don't and don't show anyone else, thank you.

But really they are sweet and fun and I am lucky to get to spend time with them.

The other really great thing about being in the nursery is that I get to hang out with Sherri. And today we got an extra bonus and Staci came in with us.
It was once again the CoRi dAwN, Staci, and Sherri show.
It was fun.

Dear Sherri and Staci,
I love you. I miss spending time with you.
I'm glad we were all together again today. You guys were the best counselors anyone could ever want. What I miss the very most about being in Relief Society is you. I count you as some of my best friends.
CoRi dAwN

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