Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh the memories.....

So yesterday I was just minding my own business driving to work and Boondocks by Little Big Town came on the radio.
It made me smile.
First I love this song because... well, my heart and soul do in fact belong to the boondocks.
I don't really care which boondocks; the Virginia boondocks, the Idaho boondocks, or right here in my own little Colorado boondocks.
Tin roofs and gravel roads, life doesn't get better than that. SERIOUSLY.
I simply heart the boondocks.
Back to why I was smiling...
my kids all five of them (together) use to sing that song as loud as they could while I drove them around in the mini-van to various activites. They all loved it. I cannot help but to love what my kids love.
*Again, don't forget to click pause on my playlist below*

Dear kids of mine,
Keep singing together, you sound way better than the Osmonds!
Today I wish we were all together driving to the boondocks and singing boondocks and that school and work were far far away from us.
CoRi dAwN

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