Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The relatives came!

What a blast we  have when the relatives come.
And last night did not disappoint.
Aunt Laura, Uncle Tony, and Cousin Tyler stopped by on their way to
And we just had a big fat blast.
We ate so much yummy food.
And laughed, we always laugh when they come.
Dana's family also came over and well they just make any
gathering more fun.

All of the fun reminds me of a book Mychael-Ann gave us when she and her family came to visit.
Adore this book, since it has a Virginia connection!

The real excitement happened when a tiny little cute bird flew into our house. ALL the little kids (8 of them) ran around the house screaming and giggling. Poor little bird, I'm sure it was very traumatized. He or she couldn't find the way out and just kept smacking its cute little head on the ceiling. Anyway it was cute and now I kinda what to buy a bird.

And here they are all tired from driving across the country.

Dear Tony, Laura, and Tyler,
Thanks so much for stopping by on your rode trip.
I loved seeing ya'll. And I'm proud of Tyler all grown up and stuff.
Wish we could have had more time together!!
Love you tons.
CoRi dAwN

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