Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alyson and Emilee

Last night my little Emilee had a rough night!
She had an experience that I wish she didn't.
She handled it amazingly and I am very proud of her.
She came home to where she feels safe and she was
loved and comforted by her big sister Alyson.

I am so grateful that they have each other.

Everyone needs a sister....

To be silly with...
To act like a monkey with...
To celebrate with...
To sing with...
To dance with...

And most importantly to
have someone who understands
and loves them when they
need it most.


Dear Alyson and Emilee,
You guys are great! You are lucky
to have each other! Keep loving
one another. And keep making me
CoRi dAwN

1 comment:

  1. Sisters are SO worth all the sisterly-love!!!