Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing Virginia!

I am here, but should be in Virginia!
 I am missing Ole' Va Like crazy.
And I am being tortured by the amazing photos that are
making their way to Facebook.
Photo taken by my adorable cousin Mallory and published by my other adorable cousin Chelsea. Stolen and edited by me. (minor editing)
This is my Grandpa' and his sister Aunt Bee.
They are the last of ten children who
loved their parents and each other.
They are sweet.... Oh so very sweet.
I love them.

Dear Mallory and Chelsea,
THANK YOU! For taking such
amazing pictures! I love pictures.
I wish I was there. And Chelsea
WAY TO GO on the musical chairs.
M-Ann is a hard one to beat.
Love ya!
CoRi dAwN

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  1. I love this picture too! I am so glad that we get to see what we are missing.