Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I feel so VIOLATED!

I've been robbed! SERIOUSLY! My debit card number and PIN number were stolen when I shopped at Micheals craft store. Someone then took $500.00 out of my account. That is just so dang rude! Anyway my dear husband noticed the problem when I was asleep during the day and well he did a fantastic job taking care of it. He spent hours at the police station and at the bank, and by the time I knew about it, it was fixed. AHHH love him! But now I don't really want to shop at Michaels. And I'm kinda scared to use my PIN at any store.

You can read about it here.

Dear FREAKIN IDIOTS that stole my money,
I hate you. I really hope that your kids were staving or your dying mother needed medication and that's what used my money for. But I doubt it. I think you suck. I hope you go to jail.  
CoRi dAwN

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