Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I heart Lauren.

I heart Lauren!
Lauren is a super dee dooper cute girl
I worked with on 8N/S.
She is an amazing nurse and WAY SMART.
I wanna be a nurse just like her someday.
I get to see her once in a while but I miss her like CrAzY!

This picture was taken at a celebration for Lauren's
Birthday. I'm pretty sure she'll always be 21.
Arienne, Jen, Kim, CoRi dAwN, Lauren, and Patty.

Dear Lauren,
I love pulling into the parking lot
and seeing your car, "Ralph".
I know that if I am having a bad night
you'll make me laugh. When I'm around you
I forget that it's 0300 and I stop missing 
my bed. Always laugh Lauren, ALWAYS!
Life is much easier when you're laughing.
CoRi dAwN

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