Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sort of.
Dana, Staci,  and I took most of our kids (7 out of 12)
on a little adventure. I love to hike Devil's Head, it's a fun hike
and the view is simply AMAZING!

We got started and everyone was happy and energetic.
I actually think they were more excited about all of the trail food we brought.
But they were happy all the same.

Jarret. Yep he's got some guns.

Isabelle, Adam, Emilee, and Kyle.

Emilee, Isabelle, Owen, and Jarret.

So we were hiking along having a grand ol' time. Yelling
"STAY ON THE TRAIL", and eating all those yummy snacks.

And then...

See that BIG NASTY BLACK cloud behind Jarret?
That's what happened.

Someone must of thought our little rag muffins needed a shower
because that is what they got.


And then it hailed.

And so we only made it half way.
But fear not, we will try it again.

Dear Dana, Staci, and kids,
I had so much fun.
Let's do it again, and get to the top.
Even though I gotta clean mud
out of my car it was still worth it.
CoRi dAwN

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