Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love Sundays! Especially when it's Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Today I reflect on the men in my life.
And I feel so blessed.

How beautiful is that home where lives a man of godly manner,
who loves those for whose nurture he is responsible,
who stands before them as an example of integrity and goodness,
who teaches industry and loyalty,
not spoiling his children by indulging their every wish,
but rather setting before them a pattern of work
and service which will underpin their lives forever.
~Gordon B. Hinckley

Let me introduce you...
This is MY Mike. He is the father of my children. He adores them and they adore him. He is kind and gentle, generous and loving. And he is mine.
This is Don, my father-in-law. This is where My Mike
gets his generosity from.

This is Gary. He is my step-father. He has worked hard for me.
I am grateful for that.

This is LaMont, my Grandpa'. When I think of him I have an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. This man is the most Christ-like man in the whole wide world. I am SO blessed to call him mine. Words cannot express the feelings I have for him. Love is simply not a strong enough word.

When I hear this song I ALWAYS think of him.

This is MY DAD Mike. He is strong, and funny, he can fix ANYTHING. He works hard to serve Jesus and others. He is a great example to me and my children. He has the best laugh ever and EVERYONE loves him. He also has had just about the coolest cars EVER. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to share him with my siblings.
When I hear this song I think growing up with him as a father.

Dear Mike (my husband), Don, Gary, LaMont, and Mike (my dad),
I will NEVER be able to truly express how grateful I am to you. I am in large part who I am because of you. The lessons I have learned from you I will pass along to my children and grandchildren. I am most grateful to part of your legacy.
Thank you and I love you.
CoRi dAwN

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