Monday, June 13, 2011

Just about the best GRAD party ever!!

Here are some snapshots of

The center pieces.

The display tables Michelle, Alyson, Stephanie, and Kenzie set up.

Karen the best decorator ever.

The fish.

Aunt Dana gettin' down.

My little Emilee helping set up.

Food table prior to food.

Proud dad, Mike.

Emilee dancing.

Best decorator ever with her hubs.

Dawson, and yes I'm pretty sure he's burping.

Jarret with cousin Owen. They are WAY too cool.

Auntie Ronni dancin' up a storm with Aunt Dana.

Now she's really feelin' it.

Dawson, Bryant, and Alyson.
CoRi dAwN getting a kiss from Stephanie. I love her.

Dear Alyson, Stephanie, Michelle, and Kenzie,
Thanks for letting me part of your great day.
I had a blast. And I love you all.
CoRi dAwN

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