Saturday, June 11, 2011

So my sister is going to....

The Orange County Fireman's Fair today and I am jealous. Mychael-Ann is one of my little sisters and she currently lives in Orange County Virginia. (Check her blog out)

Anyway every year the Orange County Fireman have a parade and fair and it looks like so much fun! And well she is going today. The funny thing is that she is a little hesitant to take her four beautiful children. I mean, I can understand why, most of the people that go are rednecks really interesting. And there always occasionally drunk people who may or may not fight and swear. I talked to her this morning and we laughed as she told me of her plans. (We aren't judging or making fun of all the people who go, just some.)

So last year when I pulled up to my dad's house for our family vacation we passed the fair and it looked like a super fun blast. The really sad thing is that the people who are going today wouldn't go with me last year, one of them said something like, "With all them rednecks, you bound to hear sirens". And I'm pretty sure we did in fact hear some sirens later that night. But I'm still wishing I went and I wish I was going today.

Dear Mychael-Ann and family,
Have a blast at the fair, take lots of pictures,
count the drunk people, win some stuffed
animals, run away from any fighting,
and above all eat some yummy
greasy food for me.
CoRi dAwN

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