Friday, June 3, 2011

Diet Coke Head

Hi, my name is CoRi dAwN and I'm an addict.
I like to believe I'm not, but there's no lying. I am. I get headaches when I go hours without one. I drool when I see someone else sucking on a straw, and I think they're drinking the DC. I was just so relieved when I found ONE left in my fridge. I'm pretty sure I can kick the habit if I really try but then I go to work and....well you know...I'm a night nurse who doesn't drink coffee, what else do I do?

Dear Diet Coke,
I LOVE you. I can't go one day without holding you and inhaling you.
I'm just not sure if this relationship is healthy.
Maybe we should just take a little break and see how it goes.
Oh what am I saying, that's a terrible idea! I heart you.
CoRi dAwN

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