Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glenn Beck....

OK, So I don't usually watch Glenn Beck,
I just don't want to be scared and I think he scares.
But anyway he had a show featuring my favorite blogger.
She and her husband are amazing. 
You can watch the episode here. 

As I watched the episode there was a side ad for
dresses, so I clicked on it.
I just have one thing to say..
If I ever see someone dressed in one of those dresses or those shoes I am going to laugh at them. I can't help it. Sorry.
And the shoes.. I mean, FOR REAL?!!Seriously people, Who wears that?
I don't think I would dressed like that even as a teenager and any of you who knew me as a teenager, well you know
I'd wear just about anything.

Dear People Who Wear Those Dresses and Shoes,
Be prepared to be laughed at. Sorry.
CoRi dAwN

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  1. I love the description: "cheap but quality gothic, sweet, classic and punk dresses" What the?

    So we have this cousin on Jared's side named Corie and she can't get pregnant (she had radiation for cancer as a teenager) and the whole family has been praying that they will be able to be parents somehow. Evidently there was some confusion as to which Cori we were praying for and it turns out you may have been getting some "please bless Cori to get pregnant" prayers from my boys. Made me laugh.