Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FaMiLy NiGhT

Last night was Monday night.
And that means it's family night.
Or it means it should be family night.
I won't ever pretend my family is perfect at it, we're NOT.
I would like to be and hope to be someday.

Last night I invited a family (The Mathews) to help us pull some weeds that are along a pathway in our neighborhood.

It was so much fun. Not really. But it felt good to go on a walk this morning and see how much nicer it looked.

 Not sure if we're working or
playing. But it doesn't really matter.

Dear All Five of my Children,
LOVE family night. Have it every week
with your family. You will be blessed
and your children will be happier.
Also be on the lookout for opportunities
to serve your family and your community.
I love you and thanks for your help.
CoRi dAwN

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