Sunday, December 25, 2011

All is calm, all is bright.....

Silent Night.
Holy Night.

I have had such an amazing day.
I hope everyone has had a day as
lovely as mine.

I woke up early, really early for a night nurse...6 a.m.
And I woke up in the arms of my Mike.
And we laid there and listened to
Christmas music on my phone.
It was perfect, I fell in love..AGAIN.
And then we wrapped presents and listened to more Christmas music.
More in love.
And then we prepared for our annual
Christmas Eve
party at his parents house.
Mike washed my car, put gas in my car, shoveled out someone who needed it,
and made all four of the casseroles.
With a smile, In case you were wondering.
And yes...I fell even more in love.

And boy oh boy
did we have fun at our little party.
My little Jarret. He has more Christmas spirit than anyone I know.

Bryant is super cute and just a bit weird.

I think Jarret was getting ready to fart on me,
cause that's what he did.
I was not so happy.

Mike and Dawson playing the Minute it Win it Christmas game.

Alyson and Emilee with more fun and games.

Grandma reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Mike reading from the scriptures
More Love comin' his way.
I tell ya he is awesome.
All of my sweet children, some smiling and some practicing their kill shots.
Once again my Mike being the sweetest most kind human ever.
Helping out his sweet brother~ Santa.
Or is it Uncle Marc?

Denver's very own city and county building.
It is always beautiful on Christmas Eve,
we should know cause we drive past every single year!

Another one for your enjoyment.
And from my very own
atop my fire place.
The Baby Jesus.

Dear Love CoRi dAwN Readers,
Thank you for enduring all of my crazy videos this month. The month is not over yet so you will have the opportunity to see a couple more. I would like you to know that I love Christmas, I love it because of all of the tradition and love that seem to just happen. I love because I love Jesus. And I am grateful for Him. I am grateful for His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection. I also want all ya'll, and Mike, to know that I love Mike. He is more than I deserve.

Friends, sleep in Heavenly peace tonight because all is calm and all is bright.
Christ the Savior is born.

CoRi dAwN

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