Saturday, December 17, 2011

I almost the end of the day and I bet....

You thought I'd miss my daily video.
Nope, not today.
I might someday but not today.

Today was more than AmAzInG!
Today Alyson, Emilee, and I went
And boy did we have fun!
We went to Aspen Grove and completely
enjoyed ourselves.
And after that we went to
my favorite... Hallmark.

And while we were in the car
we rocked out to Justin.

Oh and while we were shopping we bought my dear friend
a Justin Bieber ornament.
That was nice of us.

Dear Alyson and Emilee,
Today was so much fun. Thank you for helping me spend my money ;) I had a huge blast with you and I am more than ecstatic that you two are my daughters. I love both your giggles, you're cute.
CoRi dAwN

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