Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Christmas....

Thinking back to last Christmas,
there is one memory that
still makes me laugh.
It was when Santa
(AKA Uncle Marc)
lost his pants.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids laugh.
And would you just look at Bryant and Dawson's faces!!
I love it!

 We love Uncle Marc and enjoy his company very much. I'm just not sure he's the best Santa ever. He finds a gift for himself and then thinks his Santa duties are over.
It's cute. and fun.
And my kids LOVE their uncle very much. 

Today's video is all about
Last Christmas.
And it's
So ummm.. get ready to dance a little.

Dear My Blog Readers (especially the youngish ones),
Mind your heart. Don't give it away so easily. It's a bummer when it gets broken. Wait until you find someone special.
CoRi dAwN

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