Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This one if for my mom.

Today's video is dedicated to
My Mom.
My mom is pretty dang cool.
I think she's kinda a rocker and I think she'll always be that way.
In fact she told me just the other day that her new favorite song is by
Linkin Park.
I was only a little bit surprised.
But anyway she goes to see
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
every single year.
Never misses.
So for today when you watch this one,
think of my mom or perhaps yours.

Oh and, with some help from my good friend
Char and Emilee and Jarret, my house is now decorated. And I am so relieved. That is hard stuff to put up all those decorations.

Dear Mom,
I am glad you are a rocker. I'll never forget when I first realized that! You running through the house "jumping" to Van Halen's "Jump". It's a good memory. I wish I could see ya do it now, I bet we'd both laugh so hard we'd.....you know. I love you.
CoRi dAwN

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