Thursday, December 8, 2011

With Peace and Love You'll Never Be Poor!

Hey Ya'll, I am tired.
I got home this morning and fell asleep
in the garage. I only stayed there for
thirty minutes but wow I cannot wait to
go to bed.

It was one of those nights, last night.
One of those nights where I spent a lot of
time thinking about life.

What would I do if.....?
How in the world did I get so
lucky to have such an awesome family?
Just how strong am I?

If I had to title last night,
I would call it...

Today's video was stolen from
Alyson's blog.
And the purpose is to lighten my mood.
And to inspire thought.
Thoughts of what Christmas shouldn't be.
As always,

Dear Patients,
You amaze me and I love your families. If you want to fight, then fight on friend. I and others like me will be standing in your corner helping you win. If you are just too tired, that is OK also. I and others like me will be standing by your side helping you rest. God Speed.
CoRi dAwN

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