Sunday, December 11, 2011

In our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy.

It's Christmas.
The lists are long at my house.
And my kids are getting excited.
Gosh, I'm embarrassed to say that even
my list is kinda long.
Number one on my list is a Kindle Fire.
I don't need it, I just want it.
I actually don't really need
most of what I have.

I think tonight for family night we will work on another kind of list.
I think tonight we will work on a
We will discuss who we can serve 
and how we want to serve them.

Surely, in my world of plenty I can
spread a smile of joy.
And so can you.

Dear Band-Aid,
Oh my gosh how I love the 80's. Ya'll are super entertaining. And the hair...great hair. My favorite line.....
"Tonight thank God it's them instead of you."
Makes me think.
Thanks for feeding the world.
CoRi dAwN

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