Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last night and tonight

Last night I went to a birthday party for a good friend from work. It was a nice party where he asked people to get all dressed up and such. Everyone there looked lovely in their fancy suits and pretty dresses. I wore a very modest outfit that required a smooth underneath. A smooth underneath is achieved in a very uncomfortable way...SPANX!

And oh my gosh ya'll!! I could barely breathe. And going to the bathroom, well that was near impossible! Those things are TIGHT! And by TIGHT, I mean really really TIGHT! When I got home and got into my PJs I felt like Mr. Incredible exploding out of his suit.

This morning my family brought up all the *Christmas*
decorations from the crawl space.
It's time to decorate!!
I'm excited.

Also tonight my Alyson gets to go to
to look at the Christmas lights and attend the Christmas devotional.
I am jealous.

And since my Alyson is going to Temple Square and is going to hear "The Choir" I thought for today's video we'd enjoy a song from a previous years devotional.
Dear Alyson,
Have fun tonight! Love every opportunity that you get to go to Temple Square. I love that place. While you're there enjoy the music and dream of playing your viola with the orchestra.
CoRi dAwN

Dear Spanx,
Thanks for the smoothness!
CoRi dAwN

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