Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning....

To look A LOT like
Here at my house we have at least a foot of snow, and I'm so not impressed. I have a list a mile and half long of things I really need to get done before Christmas. And what is also super fantastic is that my washer is broken and I MUST go out and get a new one. My laundry is in a HUGE pile. With 7 people, laundry is something you really don't want to let get out of hand. And I am guilty of letting lots of things get out of hand.

Check out my sweet Mike with the neighbor's
snow blower...he looks hot as a snow blower,
maybe I'll get him one for Christmas.

I'll bet the Y (Go Cougars) hat is keeping his head warm but he should really cover his ears.

Since it is beginning to look like Christmas.
I give you this sweet sound.

Dear Mike and Michael,
Mike, I just heart you!! You are so sweet to snow blow. And you look dang hot doin' it. I really do have the best husband ever!
Micheal, sing to me! Your voice is smooth like butter.
CoRi dAwN

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