Friday, December 30, 2011

She came home for Christmas


 AlYsOn KaTe

left BYU and came home for
And she is going to have
to leave soon.
I just absolutely loved
having her here and so did all
of her siblings.
She is a gift.
And when she's gone I'm gonna cry.

She is gentle (mostly, ummm don't mess with her new itouch), she is fun, she is great to shop with (especially if you're buying her something), she loves to laugh and smile, she is a really good sister and a fantastic daughter. The best thing of all is that she loves Jesus and it shows.

Every time I heard this song this year I thought of her. I hope I get to spend Christmas with her (and all my kids)
 every single year.

Dear My AlYsOn KaTe,
Thank you for coming home and not being married and spending Christmas with your in-laws. :) Thanks for being such an amazing sister. All of your brothers and your sister completely love you. You are a good example to them and I am thankful for that. You are a very special person. I want you to never ever settle for anyone ever treating you like you aren't. I love you much.
CoRi dAwN

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